Welcome to the International Wooden Shoes Museum

Welcome to the International Wooden Shoes Museum, where wooden shoes come to life! Our collection comprises more than 3,000 pairs of clogs and other footwear with a wooden sole from more than 45 countries, making it the largest and most extensive collection in the world. We have hundreds of tools, single machines and a wealth of information material. For young and old, alone or in a group.

On the page 'Visit the Wooden Shoes Museum' you will find the contact details, opening hours and prices of the Wooden Shoes Museum. You can also read about arrangements, education and the store.

Visit the Wooden Shoes Museum

Gevel Internationaal Klompenmuseum

About the Wooden Shoes Museum

The deed of incorporation of the Wooden Shoes Museum Wietzes Bros. was signed on 24 February 1988. The International Wooden Shoes Museum was opened for the first time in 1990 with an exhibition. In the first years, an exhibition was organized once every two years. Since 1997, a new exhibition has been set up every year.

On the page 'About the Wooden Shoes Museum' you can read more about the museum, its history and about being a friend / volunteer / sponsor and donations.

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Werkplaats Internationaal Klompenmuseum


07 August 2018
Bertus van den Hof walks through the depot where thousands of wooden shoes are stored and gives us a glimpse!

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About Wooden Shoes

Clogs or wooden shoes: everyone knows what they are and how they look. Yet they are much less worn than before and the clog carrier is a dying breed. And that while it was not so long ago, 1950, that almost everyone had a pair of clogs and walked on them every day.

On the page 'About wooden shoes' you will find information about clogs and why clogs are cultural heritage, we zoom in on special clogs and you can find our clog collection.

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The International Clog Museum writes history! The unique museum is in the "Golden Age" and ties in with the national theme year "Rembrandt". Rembrandt lived in the "Golden Age". A flowering period in all sorts of fields. These were also "golden" years for industry. Wooden shoes are the symbol of the Netherlands. In addition to practicality, they are now also seen as an art object.

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Expositie Klompenronde


International Wooden Shoes Museum
Wolfhorn 1A
9761BA Eelde, Drenthe, The Netherlands
[email protected]
+31 (0)50 309 11 81


Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, from March 26 to November 1 2022. In the winter the museum is closed, except for group visits from November 1 to Christmas.

From 10 to a maximum of 60 people with a guided tour.
The Museum Card is not valid for group visits.

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