Visit the International Wooden Shoes Museum

Everyone knows what clogs are and what they look like. At least, that's what many think. Most people know the clogs with the three crosses in the coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam, some maybe the 2 V-vanjes of Van Vilsteren, a clog factory that was located near Zwolle.
But our visitors all say that they did not know that there are so many beautiful and different clogs from so many countries. Come and be surprised!
After visiting the Wooden Shoes Museum you will see clogs where you have seen them before, but which you did not notice before. This way we make every visitor a little ambassador of this beautiful museum.


For the visitors a film is played (text English, German or Dutch) on which clogmaker E. Wietzes shows how clogs are made. A guided tour on paper is available in the workshop and in the exhibition space.

The Workshop

The single clog machines from Germany, France and the Netherlands are installed in the workshop.
Very special is the wooden clog machine from 1915, made in the province of Groningen. In addition to the so-called "Wietzes corner", there are also a collection of molds from the Akkerman family from Sondel (Friesland), Dutch tools and sawing machines.

By clicking and dragging in this photo you can look around in our workshop

Coffee and retail space

Through the hall the visitor enters the reception area with counter and museum shop. Here the visitor can also drink a cup of tea or coffee and the like.

By clicking and dragging in this photo you can look around in our coffee room

The Exhibition space

This year the focus of the International Wooden Shoes Museum in Eelde is on the Clog as Cultural Heritage of Europe. Wooden footwear has existed since ancient times and was worn a lot during the Middle Ages. Today, the clog is still worn in large parts of Europe.

By clicking and dragging in this photo you can look around in our coffee room


Exhibition 2022: HOUT couture

Museum open: Tuesday to Sunday from 1.30 to 5 pm, from March 26 to November 1 2022

Wolfhorn 1a, 9761 BA Eelde, Drenthe, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 50 - 309 11 81
[email protected]

Postal address:
PO Box 13, 9765 ZG Paterswolde

Public transport:
From Groningen Qbuzz no. 9. Bus stop centrum Eelde.


Opening hours and prices 2022

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 13.30-17.00, 26 March - 1 November 2022.

Group visit (by appointment):
Even outside normal opening times, up to 50 - 60 people. There are special prices for group visits (see entry fees). You can reserve a group visit via the reservation form at the bottom of this page.


  • Adults € 6.00 per person
  • Children 6 - 12 years € 3.00 per child
  • Children up to 6 years free
  • Continuous for 2 persons € 25.00 per year (see Friends)
  • Museum card is valid, but not for group use
  • Pin payment possible, even small amounts


The Wooden Shoes Museum offers a number of fun group packages for your visit to the museum. The first three packages only include a fully organized visit to the Wooden Shoes Museum, the other two packages below are day packages where you not only visit the museum but also enjoy a snack and a drink and another activity. The packages can be found below.

Arrangement 1:
Groups, minimum 10 people
Entrance with guided tour

Total € 6.50 per person
Total €3,50 per child

Arrangement 2:
Groups, minimum 10 people
2 x coffee / tea with cake / cow
Entrance with guided tour

Total € 11.00 per person
Total €8,00 per child

Arrangement 3:
Groups, minimum 10 people
2 x coffee / tea with cake (sorted also apple pie)
Entrance with guided tour

Total € 14.25 per person
Total €11,25 per child

Day arrangements

Day package 1: Klompenmuseum - Fletcher Family Hotel-Restaurant Paterswolde - Kool rondvaartbedrijf (in Dutch, will be translated)

Day package 2: Klompenmuseum - Borg Nienoord in Leek and the Nationaal Rijtuigmusem in Leek (in Dutch, will be translated)

Day package 3: Klompenmuseum - Toy museum Kinderwereld and Bospaviljoen de Norgerberg (in Dutch, will be translated)

Day package 4: WOOD - Klompenmuseum and Natuurplaats Norg (in Dutch, will be translated)

Prices and arrangements 1, 2 and 3 in the Klompenmuseum (in Dutch, will be translated)

Education in the International Wooden Shoes Museum

For young visitors (aged 4 to 12):


Museum visit:
Arrangement 1

- entrance
- film (± 12 minutes)
- guided tour
- duration: maximum 1 hour
Price: € 2.00 per child - minimum 10 children
Supervisors free admission

Arrangement 2
- entrance
- film (± 12 minutes)
- guided tour
- (photo) quest.
For the quest with the assignments the children need about 15 minutes.
- a wooden shoe to decorate yourself
- 1 glass of ranja
- duration: a maximum of 1 ½ hours
Price: € 4.50 per child - a minimum of 10 children
Guides free entrance

Preparation for a visit or as a teaching material for schools:

  • A lesson bag with images, plank from block to wooden shoe, informative books about clogs, clogs, coloring pages and a dvd.
  • Deposit: € 25,00
  • Lesson letter
  • Coloring pages

Lesson bag and teaching letters:
The lesson bag can be used in schools within the context of a project and in keeping with heritage education. The lesson letter can be found on the museum's website and can be downloaded. Lestas and teaching notes can also be used without a visit to the museum. Lesson letter Clogs (in Dutch)

In October it is Kindermaand in Drenthe; then there are additional actions. Since 2002, the museum has been participating with Oktobermaand Kindermaand. The set-up is every time that the film and a tour of the museum are an educational part of the museum visit. To conclude the visit there is a DIY activity for children from 4 to 13 years with the clog central. Admission for children is free on action days accompanied by a paying visitor. All materials for crafting are then available free of charge.

Arrangements for school classes:
The classes that visit the museum choose a specific arrangement. The tour is tailored to the age of the students when attending school.

In-store offer:
Within the Edu group we looked at the range in the store and the possibilities to develop an offer especially for children. The result is a coloring book. The images in the coloring book are unique and created by a member of the Edu group. Furthermore, there is a kit for a clog with a tarpaulin in the store, again this is the result of the work of the Edu group. Toys based on the clog in luxury packaging are for sale in the museum shop.

Other possibilities in the field of education:
It is possible to be guided individually or in a small group in the museum by a volunteer.

  • In the museum the book "European clogs" is for sale, a private edition of the museum.
  • The museum has many reference books and articles.
  • In the shop the "presentation booklet" about clogs is sold.
  • Do you have any questions about the collection or about clogs in general: e-mail us. Questions that enter via the museum's website regarding clogs or clog-makers are answered by the curator.

View the offer for schools
Lesbrief Clogs
Lecture "Walk On Wood"

The documents above are all in Dutch.

Museum store

The range in the store offers something for everyone around the theme clogs and souvenirs and gifts related to the Netherlands / Holland. From key rings and wooden tulips to, of course, the original Wietzes clogs. Our volunteers also make souvenirs themselves, such as guest towels with an 'old Dutch souvenir strip'. The sale in the store is also an important source of income for the museum.

Museum mug € 5.95
only for sale at the Klompenmuseum

Pencil with clog
€ 1.50

Money box clog with lock - various colors
Price per ex. € 8.00

A wooden shoe with a sailing kit.
€ 5.00

Winkel Klompenmuseum

The Wooden Shoes Museum is worth a visit!

Drenthe is hospitable, with hardly any traffic. A visit to the Wooden Shoes Museum is easy and literally very accessible: buses can be parked for free at the door, guests need only 20 meters to walk to the museum, all entrances and passageways are wheelchair / rollator friendly, there is a disabled toilet and everything is ground level. Please note, there are no special facilities for the blind and visually impaired.

We offer drinks, snacks and souvenirs in our small museum shop. The Museum is heated; also in the early spring and in the winter it is comfortable with us.

Please note the following:

  • Photos may be made for private use on their own social media, but always mentioning the name of the museum. A link to our site is very much appreciated.
  • there is free Wi-Fi,
  • visit with classes: please always reserve
  • dogs are not allowed in the museum

Guided tour:
For groups you can book a guided tour. A visit with a group takes about 1½ hours and includes coffee / tea with cake / cake or cake - before or after the tour -, a video presentation of clogs made by hand and with the machine, a tour of the workshop with an explanation of the machines and a tour of the exhibition space. We end up again in the souvenir shop / the coffee room.

    The Wooden Shoes Museum is accessible to the disabled
Dogs are not allowed in the museum, except for guide dogs


   Wooden Shoes Museum Gebr. Wietzes is a Registered Museum

To make a group appointment for up to 60 people, please follow the steps below. You can find our packages at 'Arrangements' . If your application is complete, it will be processed.
You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible. A group visit can be scheduled from 28 March to 24 December and takes approx. 2 hours. We reserve a group per half day (morning, afternoon, evening). Do you have any questions? Please contact us by e-mail [email protected]